A shared image editing tool enables users to collaboratively work on a common canvas and alter an initial image. Users remain semi-anonymous, but they can see the writing and cursor movements of their fellow participants.

This tool creates an instant, fuss-free social network that doesn't require registration and encourages direct involvement, whether face-to-face, online, or a mix of both.

It stands in its high adaptability to various interactive scenarios. It revolutionizes the concept of online group creation, as it operates on the principle of co-authoring the artwork. This is achieved by a base image, Stable Diffusion image generation as the image engine which is trained with a wide range of global art and general imaginery, and the vital involvement of its users in the creative process.

The tool is intended for use as a scheduled event with an agreed start time to ensure synchronous interaction and a lively experience.

The outcomes can be shared as a printable high-resolution image and a 4k video capturing the entire session's progress.

The software empowering this tool is open source, requiring minimal dependencies, to ensure it can operate independently of large corporations within GAFAM (Google, Amazon, Facebook, Apple, and Microsoft).

This project was created in the frame of Mòniques residency 2023-2024 at Santa Mònica art center in collaboration with Marc Villanueva Mir.



Sojornar Santa Mònica, Barcelona, March 2023
Blackbox ESACM École supérieure d’art de clermont métropole, Clermont-Ferrand, April 2023