The "Biennal de Karaoke" project emerged as a collective discourse on the conceptualization of a Karaoke Biennale. Embodied in popular and digital art, it wittily magnifies the grandeur usually associated with art biennales and leverages on the spontaneity of artist gatherings where karaoke and other popular stage formats are explored.

The project intertwines the ordinary and extraordinary, transforming everyday people into artists through the universal act of song performance. Karaoke, in this context, serves as an emblem of human expression - a theatrical social event of shared performance where everyone's artistic rendition of popular songs is acknowledged and respected.

The physical manifestation of this project took shape as a dual-event. At its heart, it hosted an art residency at the Santa Mònica Art Center over two weeks. Participants, Noela Covelo Velasco and Claudia del Barrio, were invited to utilize this platform to evolve their ongoing project, "Sesiones Chroma," and to curate a special performance for the inaugural of "Biennal de Karaoke".

Parallel to this, a round-table discussion was held, steered by Pilar Cruz. Esteemed artists Joana Tischkau, Clara Reiner, and Scott Sinclair  showcased extracts of their work and deliberating on the relationship of karaoke in their art.

This creative endeavor resonates its commitment to promote accessible art forms and celebrates the intersection of high art and popular culture. Conceived as part of Mòniques' residency at Santa Mònica Art Center in Barcelona, "Biennal de Karaoke" was brought to fruition in collaboration with Marc Villanueva Mir.

"When we take the stage at karaoke, we don't limit ourselves to imitating singers, but rather we respond with sincerity to the same forces and feelings that inspired them in the first place. We don't sing 'I am you.' We sing 'I know what you’ve been through', at the same time as 'you know what I’ve been through'. 

Brandon Every Joyce, “Karaoke, TikTok and Mimesis”, Do Not Research


Santa Mònica, Barcelona, July 2023