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My name is Carlos Carbonell, I am an artist, researcher, and developer based in Barcelona. I specialize in creating collaborative art where authorship is shared among all people involved in their interactions.

As a technology enthusiast, I thrive in capturing the essence of the digital spectacle in my work. My engagement with technology is complex, much like the era we're in. By seizing control of often monolithic, corporate technology, I subvert its intended use, encouraging its creative misuse as a form of critical defiance against the dominance of big tech companies.

Strategically deviating from the conventional path in a society that is overly reliant on such corporations, I choose to explore the untapped potential of misuse. I view this act as a collective response—an unconventional counterpoint to the vanity that often underpins design facets.

Sometimes, I work in a duo with artist Marion Balac.

At present, I am part of the team for Mòniques' mediation research program at Santa Mònica Art Center. Together with 20 other artists, we explore new experimental ways of mediation. I teach coding at CIC Elisava

My work has been exhibited and performed at various venues, such as La Gaîté Lyrique, Centre Pompidou, Fundació Miró, and the Sonar Festival.

Aside from my work as an artist, I serve as a tech developer and researcher for several other artists including Ed Fornieles, Mario Santamaría, Claudia Del Barrio, Roc Herms, Sofía Montenegro, Mar Reykjavik, Pedro Torres, and Natalia Carminati.

In the past, I was part of the Comte d'Urgell Duo with Jordi Ferreiro. Some also know me by my alter-ego, Internet2, which was a music/performance project that nurtured my interest in participative tech and spectacle.

Check a comprehensive list of exhibitions/performances in the CV section of this website.

I publish all my code as open-source, you can check it out at https://github.com/carlitoselmago