Video full HD, colour, sound, 9'35''.
Collaboration with Marion Balac

Through a succession of heteroclite songs, the musical video 'Mark' makes us cross decades, from Mark Zuckerberg's birth to the uprise of technological singularity. In this anticipated fiction, Zuckerberg manages to seduce the crowds through his successful trajectory as Facebook CEO, to the point of becoming president of the United States - despite still being considered a socially awkward person. His eagerness to approach the era of technological singularity makes him fantasize with the idea of accompanying the rise of Artificial Intelligence, as a deity on earth.
In 'Mark', the choir, Zuckerberg and the AI sing their feelings and thoughts regarding their interlaced trajectories as the years go by. This musical roller coaster about power, acceptance and collaboration makes us see the point of view of three entities, linked in a technological odyssey where feelings dance with progress.

You can listen to the soundtrack here bellow


GIMMICK 2 Tienda Derecha, Barcelona, sep. 2018
Portrait of Zuck Galerie Manqué, New York, sep. 2019
Biennale NEMO Cité Internationale des Arts, Paris, oct. 2019
melting point * festival accès)s( #20, Pau, oct. 2020